Josh Greenberger
New York

Have written dozens of articles and letters ranging from humorous to scientific to thought-provoking for the following publications:
  • The New York Post
  • The New York Daily News
  • The Village Voice
  • Newsday
  • The Jewish Press
  • and others ...

Computer consultant
Over two decades of experience as a computer consultant to major organizations such as Chase Manhattan Bank, NASA's Goddard Institute of Space Studies, and Charles Schwab.

Published Book
Scientific Commentary
Available in bookstores throughout the country for about 15 year before going out of print, this book scientifically and logically disproves the theory of evolution. In addition to cable-TV and radio exposure, this book has received favorable newspaper reviews.

suspense thriller
Screenplay: 94 pages
On September 4, 1997, Diana, an American woman visiting Israel, was the victim of a terrorist attack which took the lives of seven people and injured 192, 8 critically. Diana was one of the 2 most critically injured. The attack drew international attention. Diana's picture, her face completely covered in blood, was displayed on the front pages of many major newspapers and magazines around the world. In spite of the odds against her, Diana survived. INNOCENT TARGET is a screenplay based on her true story, and is a mixture of action and suspense-thriller, with Diana's injuries and recovery being only a small portion of the story. The website carries some real pictures of the incident, including a picture of Prime Minister Benjamin Natanyahu visiting one of Diana's injured friends.

action adventure
Screenplay: 111 pages * Treatment: 8 pages
In infamous terrorist brings a group of his most ruthless cohorts to the U.S. His mission: to avenge the death of his wife. His target: two top-level FBI agents. In their quest for these agents, the terrorists kill the wife and daughter of a highly regarded private investigator, Jim Bolton. And this is where their problems first begin. Jim recruits two of the most notorious people he's ever investigated, an explosives expert and a Mafia hitman, to help track down and kill the terrorists. The ensuing action enmesh the trio of feuding entities in well-orchestrated gun battles, elaborate explosions of various magnitudes and chase scenes that can rival the best of them.

romantic thriller
Screenplay: 101 pages * Treatment: 2 page
Grace falls in love with Dennis, a clean-cut guy who returned her missing dog. But her emotions of love soon turn into pangs of horror when she learns that Dennis has been quietly killing the jury members who released his wife's murderer; and Grace's best friend is now the last remaining juror. In an attempt to thwart Dennis's murderous spree, Grace finds herself, in the tradition of FATAL ATTRACTION and SINGLE WHITE FEMALE, being hunted by the one who "loves" her. The suspenseful scenes build dramatically to a shocking, emotionally-charged finale.

action suspense thriller
Screenplay: 131 pages * Treatment: 2 pages
Sam Hall's family is relocated to the small town of Brookdale, under the federal witness protection program. Sam's thoughts of a "fresh start" are shattered when his 18-year-old daughter is kidnapped in what seems to be part of a series of kidnap/murders. Frantic to find his daughter before she turns up dead, he contacts some old mob acquaintances for help. But help comes in more ways than he expects. Several Israeli Mossad agents roll into town in search of an infamous Nazi war criminal. It turns out, the head physician of the local medical clinic is that wanted Nazi, and has been kidnapping young women to perform medical experiments on. This results in an action-packed climax in which the doctor, supported by a corrupt local Sheriff and many townspeople, goes up against the unusual combination of mobsters and Mossad agents.

romantic comedy
Screenplay: 102 pages * Treatment: 9 pages
After years of playing the lottery, Gordon, a poor blue collar worker, finally wins millions. However, not realizing he's holding the winning ticket, he decides to "break his habit of waste" and throws away the ticket. By the time he realizes he won, his ticket has been picked up by someone on the street. The chase after his ticket, leads Gordon on a very desperate, and funny, trail.